Community Day

The Foundation cosponsors this event with Second Calvary Baptist Church. Community Day provides educational and enlightening activities designed to enhance the community. It also serves as a Back-To-School Bash. Examples of activities conducted during Community Day are workshops, health screenings, voter registration, and exhibits. Food, music, and games are part of the youth activities. School supplies are also distributed.

Housing Program

The Foundation periodically conducts seminars that address the various aspects of home ownership. The seminars are offered free to the public..

Midlands Repertory Theatre

The Theater is an academic enrichment program designed to utilize the arts as a means of helping underprivileged youth reach their fullest potential. The Theater is conducted as a one week day-camp during the summer. At the end of the summer camp the students conduct a performance to demonstrate what they’ve learned. During the school-term theater participants engage in workshops, seminars, rehearsals and performances. The Theater:

  • Exposes program participants to diverse cultural art forms and opportunities in the arts
  • Encourages participants to develop and display musical, dramatic, artistic, and dance talents
  • Encourages program participants to develop standards of excellence and self-discipline

Watch 2018 performance here

Sacks of Love

The Sacks of Love Program helps to meet the nutritional needs of underprivileged youth. Unfortunately, when school is not in session many students go undernourished or unnourished. The Foundation seeks to help with this problem by providing bags of nutritious, non-perishable food for students to carry home on the weekend during the school year. Ensuring that students are nourished on the weekends, increases the likelihood that they will study, complete assignments, and be better prepared to learn upon returning to school from the weekend.

Summer Feeding Program

The Foundation collaborates with Second Calvary Baptist Church to conduct a summer feeding program. This program is an extension of the Sacks of Love Program. The Foundation provides transportation for disadvantaged youth to a summer feeding site at Second Calvary Baptist Church Monday through Friday for six weeks during the summer. At the site, the students receive a free meal and engage in educational activities. Each Friday, the Foundation provides non-perishable food for the students to carry home for consumption on the weekend. At the end of the program, the Foundation provides students with school supplies to begin the new school year.

Enrichment Activities

The Foundation conducts various activities designed to enrich the lives of persons in the community. For example, the Foundation provides opportunities for students to attend cultural events such as the Nutcracker. The Foundation also periodically conducts programs designed to enlighten or educate community members. Examples include a program on The Historic Role of Pastors in the Advancement of Civil Rights and a program in Honor of National Agricultural Week. Also, the Foundation provided financial assistance to persons impacted by the devastating floods that occurred in Columbia, SC in October 2015.